Jaye & Mark: A Historic Yorktown Wedding

From the lacy, navy dresses to the small wooden anchor emblems on each table centerpeice, this historic Yorktown, Virginia wedding was full of nautical accents. The cake was even topped with an edible boating knot.

I first met Jaye in college at James Madison University several years ago. It’s always fun to shoot weddings where you know the couple, so I was pumped to be asked to shoot sweet Jaye’s wedding! Though I hadn’t met Mark before, I quickly saw why he and Jaye are such a good match! They’re both naturally good natured and kind.

Another special thing about their wedding was their wedding party. It’s not often that I’m photographing a wedding party comprised of four brothers and four sisters! Taking photos of Jaye with her sisters and Mark with his brothers was so much fun! Their joy was contagious. Despite it raining during the ceremony and us rushing to get portraits for fear of more rain, this couple and their families were so calm and generous. Enjoy the photos from this sweet, relaxed wedding!

Want to see more from this wedding? You can here! www.turtleharephotography.com/Weddings/Aker-Wedding

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