We Can All Be Successful!

We Can All Be Successful!

Honestly, I’ve been feeling a bit discouraged with myself lately. In this world of perfectly curated Instagram feeds, it’s certainly easy to play the comparison game. I’m guilty of it. Lately, I’ve been looking at these photos of strong, successful women and believing the lie that they are better than me.

Someone else’s success does not equate to your failure.

I have to remind myself of this. My friend doing well at something does not inherently mean I am bad at that same thing. It’s especially easy to do this in a creative industry. Another photographer gets published, books a ton of clients or something, and it’s easy to latch onto this idea that I must be a bad photographer because that didn’t happen to me. That’s simply not true.

I’m here to tell you that people and success come in all shapes and sizes. My definition of success is not the same as yours. My story, my path is different. That’s what makes life interesting.

What a boring world it would be if we all lived it the exact same way.

I’m not trying to toot my own horn, but it’s okay to feel awesome about yourself and your own successes. I’m awesome! You’re awesome! When we give ourselves permission to feel good about our accomplishments, we also enable ourselves to be more encouraging to others.

So, today I’m stepping back from that cycle of self doubt and remembering that we can all be fiercely successful- all of us together! I encourage you to do the same.


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Joshua’s Arrival: A Newborn Hospital Session

Joshua’s Arrival: A Newborn Hospital Session

I have to admit, taking Joshua’s hospital photos was extra special because he’s my nephew! The morning he was born, Paul and I were frantically running around trying to pack up everything we’d need to head up and stay in DC. We knew Paul’s sister was in labor, but once we knew Joshua was born, we became crazy with excitement. Anna must have thought we looked ridiculous running around the house. (Maybe it’s a good thing babies can’t tell you everything they’re thinking).

After the worst drive to DC (can I95 ever be described as a good drive?) we finally made it to the hospital to see the sweetest little boy. Oh my gosh, the pay off was so good. Joshua is the cutest, wrinkliest little guy ever! I’m so happy I’m his aunt.

Anna didn’t quite know what to make of the baby burrito we kept sitting her next to. She tried petting him like she does to our cat, Aggie, which means she just tried to grab a fist full of his face. Oh well, they have lots of time to get acquainted and get into all kinds of trouble together. I’ll stop talking now and let you look at this cute little baby face.

Anna looks like she loves him in this one! And of course Paul and I are infatuated.
Joshua says, “Let’s get out of here!”

Want to see more from this session? Visit our website at: http://www.turtleharephotography.com/Newborn/Joshua-Birth-Session

Cow Cousins!

Cow Cousins!

One of the coolest kids around, my lovely cousin Hannah, visited us from Atlanta a couple of weeks ago. We all had so much while she was here! When we were deciding what we should do during her stay, Chik-Fil-A’s cow appreciation day came up. Being the silly, creative girls we are, we opted to make some fun cow costumes for Anna and Hannah.

After a long time in Michael’s Arts and Crafts (can anyone go in that store for a short trip?) we had our designs set! With some help from my mom, we made tulle tutus and painted cow print shirts. Ribbon, braided hair ears, and pink noses completed the ensembles. I have to say, they were the most adorable cows I’ve ever seen!

If you’re wondering if I also dressed up, I already owned an awesome cow pajama suit, so I wore that. While our free chicken sandwiches were delicious, we also made some a-moo-zing memories! So, of course we had to get some photos. Enjoy!

See the whole album here on Turtle & Hare Photography’s website: http://www.turtleharephotography.com/Family/Hannah-and-Anna-Cow-Session

Sara & Chris’ Old Town Alexandria Wedding

Sara & Chris’ Old Town Alexandria Wedding

An earthy, modern restaurant bordering charming cobblestone streets and vintage storefronts. This was the scene of Sara and Chris’ fun and modern Old Town Alexandria wedding. These two were full of smiles from the start of their quaint morning wedding to the end of their restaurant lunch reception. Here are some of my favorite moments from their day.

You can feel the anticipation here! First looks are so great for that reason. Sara was walking up excitedly, and Chris kept looking at me wondering at what moment she would tap him on the shoulder.

And there it is! This moment that happened so quickly, yet was so sincere and touching.

Sara’s sister, Katherine, was her Maid of Honor. When we were all walking over to the church for the ceremony Katherine was very enthusiastic about taking this photo. She clearly has good taste. What’s not to love about a group of beautiful friends poised in front of adorable row houses?

I absolutely loved Sara’s veil! it was perfect for being wind swept.

Virtue Feed & Grain was a great venue- modern and fun!

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