Karla & Travis’ Dreamy Summer Wedding

Karla & Travis’ Dreamy Summer Wedding

A grand Virginia Bed and Breakfast, complete with a rose garden and lovely old shade trees. What could be more picturesque? Karla and Travis had a warm, dreamy wedding set against this backdrop. Despite the heat, these two had such relaxed attitudes. They made capturing photos a breeze. Ha, I couldn’t resist the pun usage.

Really, though, the day was gorgeous and a lot of fun! Karla and Travis met at our alma mater, James Madison University (yes, we met there as well). Go Dukes! They were both in the snowboarding club there, and their wedding colors reflected the colors from the club. Way to bring back romantic memories, guys! Hooray for sentiment.

Speaking of sentiment, Karla’s jewelry came from her grandmothers. How sweet is that? And it’s lovely jewelry too.

Travis and his groomsmen all looked dapper. Look at those great smiles!

I swear I’m not going to comment on every photo, but I can’t stop looking at their sparkler exit photo. They really nailed the dip kiss!

Ok, I’ll stop talking for now. Here are some more gems from this sunny June Richmond wedding.

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A Wedding Guide for Photography Clients


This has been a project months in the making, but I am proud to introduce the Turtle & Hare Photography Wedding Guide, aptly called Bliss.

This is the first in a series in which I will delve into the wedding guide. Today, I’ll just give an overview. So, why did I make a wedding guide? I wanted a better way to communicate with our couples. I was spending a lot of time writing and rewriting emails to explain things like timelines, photo lists, and tips for achieving the best wedding photos possible.

Don’t get me wrong, I love explaining that stuff. Educating brides and grooms is part of what makes this job awesome. Helping couples have a beautiful, stress free day is our primary goal, and education is a necessary part of that. As photographers who go to many weddings, it’s easy to forget that the average couple planning a wedding might not know things like how long photos actually take, how integral good lighting is, and how corralling extended family members can be a bit like herding cats.


I am always happy to help answer any questions our clients have, but I wanted to do it more efficiently. Obviously, the wedding guide or bridal guide is not a new concept. Many photographers offer these for their clients, but the content varies. Honestly, I didn’t really look at other photographers’ guides when I designed mine. I knew the things I wanted to communicate and what my clients’ questions tended to be. I’m not sure if my guide is similar to another photographer’s, but it doesn’t really matter. I’m happy with how it turned out and am excited to share it with all of our 2016 couples!

My advice to other wedding industry business owners would be to make something that works for you. Make something that makes sense to you and will benefit you and your clients the most. Don’t worry so much about what someone else is doing. Just make work you are proud of!

Stay tuned for more posts in the wedding guide series. To see more work by Turtle & Hare Photography, visit our website.